A new product to meet the needs of stonemasons!

This is a project that we conceived from scratch with the rectorat de Toulouse with the aim of revolutionizing the professional training of stonemasons.

Innovation is at the heart of the project. Indeed, the experience has been developed by our experts in order to allow the user to train to the profession of stonecutter via cognitive bias. But what are cognitive biases? They are a deceptive and false logic thought pattern thanks to which the user trains himself to the right technical gestures. They counteract the absence of touching the stone and give the impression to the learners that they are touching the materials. Cognitive biases have never been used for this purpose! This is a world first!

Because at MIMBUS our will is to contribute to the valorization of the manual trades by placing the trade, the pedagogy and the new technologies in the middle of our concerns, we are happy to announce you that …

MIMBUS STONE has officially joined our catalog !