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Immersive Learning

MIMBUS is the expert in virtual learning and provides the best immersive solutions for your vocational training. 

Offering solutions adapted to your needs

Choosing to integrate virtual reality into your training program is not always easy. To guarantee the success of your project, we offer customized support, built with pedagogical experts in your field.

Helping you redesign your training paths

Whether you choose an off-the-shelf solution or wish to develop a new solution with us, we are committed to offering you the best solutions that best meet your training needs.

Adapted solutions

MIMBUS responds to the challenges of your training by offering turnkey solutions, adapted to your needs


Discover the many possibilities available to you in terms of immersive learning and choose the best option for your professional training


Improve performance and evaluate the skills of your learners with real-time monitoring of their performance and analysis of their progress.


MIMBUS accompanies you throughout the integration process in order to foster the sustainable use of new technologies in your training courses.

Institutional, educational, and technological partners

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