MIMBUS offers its solutions to support education in Ukraine

At a time when Ukraine is going through a difficult period due to the ongoing war, MIMBUS has decided to get involved alongside the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the European Training Foundation (ETF), in order to make a significant contribution to strengthening vocational training in the country.

At the same time, the aim is to provide support to the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science and to training providers faced with the challenges of limited human and financial resources, the destruction of physical infrastructure and risks to the lives and health of teachers, trainers and learners.

In the view of extraordinary circumstances, MIMBUS, a recognized global leader for immersive training solution dedicated to vocational training, has undertaken to provide Ukraine with its immersive solutions for training for skilled trades free of charge. The virtual solutions offered concern career guidance, job discovery and building trades. MIMBUS also undertakes to translate the software into Ukrainian and to train the local teams involved in the project. To achieve synergies across all actions supported by the partners, MIMBUS has been collaborating with the ETF and ILO on connecting its immersive solutions to other learning resources to ensure continuity and development of professional skills to Ukrainians, even in the midst of crisis.

This initiative is not just about skills development. It also aims to foster resilience and reconstruction by providing Ukrainians with the tools they need to rebuild their professional future. By dedicating resources to education, MIMBUS and its partners are laying the foundations for a more robust recovery of the country in the wake of difficult times.

Because war must not be an obstacle to education and training, we are proud to join forces with ILO and ETF to provide the resources needed to help Ukrainians rebuild their professional future.