Revolutionizing Fluid Handling Training with our New VR Application

We are delighted to present our latest innovation – a VR application designed exclusively for training in the handling of refrigerants.

Our VR application recreates real-world scenarios, allowing users to interact with the environment of a CO² power plant or refrigeration plant to work on a vacuum pump.

MIMBUS INDUSTRY offers training modules tailored to the specific needs of each learner. With VULCAN, you can monitor the learning and progress of your trainees to ensure that they acquire the skills they need.

MIMBUS INDUSTRY offers two immersive training modules for refrigeration technicians.

The first, developed in partnership with our partner ERM Automatismes, enables the learner to interact with a vacuum pump and recover refrigerant in complete safety. The second, developed for Dalkia Froid Solutions, trains the learner to change the oil filter on a CO² power plant.

By choosing this tool, you’ll benefit from an engaging pedagogical solution and the possibility of training your learners in a realistic and secure virtual environment.