World autism awareness day
2 APRIL 2022

MIMBUS partners with OTEMA TSA to help people with disabilities and autistic spectrum disorder discover jobs using virtual reality

A real breakthrough for people with disabilities, who are too often forgotten

MIMBUS today announced a new partnership with OTEMA TSA, a collaboration that will offer young people with disabilities employment opportunities for skilled jobs.

“We are dedicated to providing social impact employment solutions through digital transformation,” says Laurent Da Dalto, CEO of MIMBUS. “Our collaboration with OTEMA TSA demonstrates the power of immersive experiences and how they can empower people with disabilities.”

“We wanted to offer the opportunity of discovering professions directly in the classrooms where young people with disabilities are. In fact, half of young people with disabilities currently leave the school system without any career paths . This program allows them to broaden their horizons when thinking about their futures” says Laurent Peytavy, founder, and director of OTEMA TSA. “For young people with autism, OTEMA TSA provides a genuine solution for families wanting to position their youth on more inclusive paths thanks to immersive solutions.”

Mimbus is using Unity (NYSE : U), the world’s leading platform for creating and operating real-time 3D (RT3D) content to build innovative solutions for vocational training. Adding technical expertise to OTEMA TSA’s activities for the social inclusion of people with disabilities, specifically within skill-based job markets.

With a portable suitcase, Laurent Peytavy meets young people in Their class and helps them discover a variety of skilled trades from various sectors thanks to virtual reality.

The benefits of this new partnership include :

  • Helping to include people with disabilities
  • Reducing talent shortages
  • Revealing vocations for lesser-known jobs among people with disabilities

The project was set up two months ago and already boasts 80 students who have discovered skilled trades through VR.

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