Electrical Maintenance

Choose VIRTUAL INDUS to learn industrial maintenance techniques through the repair of failures and production interruptions in VR.


Put your learner in a real-life situation in a production plant environment. Your students will have to perform corrective maintenance procedures and avoid production interruptions. Unlock an innovative and highly effective teaching approach for your electrical maintenance training. The solution can be sold with the hardware for turnkey use. The electrical maintenance module is part of the VIRTUAL INDUS suite.
Assessment of your learners' analytical skills and time management
Creation of a virtual environment that is impossible to create in a real-world classroom
Reproduction of potentially dangerous events without endangering the learner, colleagues, or expensive machinery
Active pedagogy and learning-by-doing as new pedagogical approach
Energetic and engaging electrical maintenance training
Instructional Monitoring

Track your learners’ skills and individualize your courses with VULCAN!

You can create profiles for your students or classes. The exercise’s chosen level of difficulty determines the level of in-exercise supports for the learner. The higher the difficulty level, the more autonomous the learner will need to be in order to successfully complete the exercise.

The system offers real-time analysis of time taken to complete an exercise, the observation of safety protocols, the appropriateness of tool selection, and the acquisition of theoretical knowledge thanks to an in-application multiple-choice test.

Adapt your training to your needs and fully customize your courses and exercises according to the performance of each learner.

Tailor-made support

We are available to assess your training needs and challenges to help you develop a training program using our new pedagogical approach. We can also assist you in the deployment of virtual reality in your courses.

I am completely amazed by the quality of the product, I found myself in total immersion.
The electrical clearance is very educational. We will really be able to offer quality training to our trainees

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