Poultry cutting

Discover and learn poultry cutting procedures in a fun way using VR with MIMBUS Food 


The poultry cutting training module allows you to learn about poultry cutting through virtual reality. Your learners will have to cut each part of the carcass, sort the pieces of meat and sharpen the knife blade at the right time. The solution can be sold with the material for turnkey use. The poultry cutting module is part of the MIMBUS Food suite.
Strong points
Raising awareness of poultry cutting among learners.
Awakening interest through a realistic immersive experience
Boosting the industry through virtual reality
Illustrating theory with practice
Reduction of waste
Pedagogical follow-up

Track your learners’ skills and individualize your courses with VULCAN !
You can create profiles for your students or classes. The level of difficulty chosen for an exercise determines the conditions for guiding the learner: the higher the level, the more autonomous the learner will have to successfully complete the exercices.
Adapt your training to your needs and fully customize your courses and exercises according to the performance of each learner.

Tailor-made support

We are available to assess your training needs and constraints to help you develop a training program, using our new pedagogical approach. We can also assist you in the deployment of virtual reality in your courses.

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