Stone Cutting

Discover this unique experience for stonemasons. MIMBUS STONE allows you to master technical techniques and adopt the best form.


MIMBUS STONE is the first virtual educational tool that allows learners to learn stone cutting. The educational modules are designed to allow your students to learn progressively. From the acquisition of proper technique thanks to simple exercises and visual aids to the mastery of more complex cuts, MIMBUS STONE is a complete pedagogical tool for your training program.
The strengths
An innovative pedagogical resource
Stone cutting in complete safety
A progressive learning process
An attractive tool for new recruits
Instructional Monitoring

MIMBUS STONE adapts to your educational needs. From exploring the environment to the free execution of stone cutting through the familiarization with the tools, MIMBUS STONE is a complete tool for immersive training. The solution has been built to allow your learners to learn progressively, step by step, to help them acquire a mastery of the technique without fear.

Customized support

MIMBUS supports you from A to Z in the integration of virtual solutions into your training programs. This support starts with training you in teaching with the tool. We also offer to analyze your needs and take into account your constraints in order to build a VR-native training program and to deploy virtual reality in your courses.

MIMBUS STONE is the winner of the 2021 EDU-UP commission

The French Ministry of Education supports the production of innovative and adapted digital resources through the Edu-Up program.

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