Practical work in chemistry

Integrate virtual reality into your practical chemistry work and carry out chemistry manipulations in complete safety


Offer your students a new educational resource to discover the environment of a chemistry laboratory. The realism of the experiment will allow them to become familiar with the working tools of the chemist, but also to develop skills in simple or complex manipulations. Thanks to MIMBUS Chemistry, your students will learn good safety practices and you will be able to analyze their skills.
Virtual reality as a teaching resource
Optimized laboratory occupancy time
Safe chemistry handling
Acquiring the right reflexes to deal with dangerous situations
Pedagogical follow-up

Practical work with MIMBUS Chemistry are connected to VULCAN to analyze key skills related to chemistry manipulations. When students work on MIMBUS Chemistry, the instructor can observe reaction time, individual abilities to be safe or to recognize a danger. The solution also offers three levels of difficulty that will allow students to become more independent.

VULCAN offers the instructor the ability to follow the performance of his students and to individualize his training to be more efficient and motivating for his students.


MIMBUS accompanies you in the integration of MIMBUS Chemistry in your training courses. From the discovery to the use of the solution, digitalize your chemistry practical work in an efficient way to increase practice time, improve concentration and encourage your students’ enthusiasm for training.

Developed in partnership with the Cnam, MIMBUS Chemistry is a pedagogical solution designed to have a real positive impact on your training.

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