Instructional Monitoring

Track the performance of your learners at a glance and customize your training on all your virtual tools using VULCAN.


Immediately detect your learners' weaknesses and tailor your training to each individual. VULCAN accurately analyzes the performance of your students during the execution of an exercise in real time. It also provides you with all the information you need to increase efficiency and flexibility. A real asset for your training; adopt VULCAN, the only intelligent digital assistant that accompanies you in your work.
Strong points
Possible connection to your Learning Management System and to all your immersive training solutions
Simplified access via a cloud platform
Intuitive user experience
Detailed performance data for each of your learners
Customization of training courses according to the skills of each student

Free up to 20 users

More Information

” VULCAN is a unique product developed by MIMBUS “

How does it work in practice ?

When you invest in immersive training tools, you must also change the pedagogical methods of your training.

Just like your Learning Management System or virtual learning environment, VULCAN is a results analysis platform, but it goes further by offering a fine-grained analysis of manual skills and even skills that are difficult to observe such as stress management, time management, and more.

VULCAN is an intelligent facilitator that will suggest courses adapted to each student, inform you when it detects that a learner is losing engagement, and even highlight promising candidates in your field.

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