Mastering four different wood shop machines with WOOD-ED TABLE. Train your learners on hand positioning and precision of movements without danger.


WOOD-ED TABLE is the only solution in the world that allows you to train your learners in the carpentry trades in a completely safe way. Reproduce the environment of four different machines :
  • the table saw,
  • the band saw,
  • the jointer,
  • the router.
The learner experiences the trade in total immersion, without the risk of injury. With WOOD-ED TABLE, your learners start by taking control of the stationary wood cutting machine and setting up the machines. To avoid the risk of accidents, the system detects the position of your students' hands and tells them where to place them correctly.
Strong points
Getting to grips with a stationary machine directly in the field.
Safe training, development of self-confidence
Simulation of four stationary woodworking machines on one table
Force feedback simulating all aspects of woodworking
Pedagogical follow-up

Track your learners’ skills and individualize your courses with VULCAN !
Thanks to VULCAN, analyze the performance of your learners on the regularity of the cut, the management of the cutting speed, the position of the left and right hands, the maintenance of the hands in the safety zone, the management of the time of the execution of the exercise and the conformity of the finished product.
Access this information to make your training even more effective and allow your learners to benefit from tailor-made training.

Tailor-made support

We are available to assess your training needs and constraints to help you develop a training program, using our new pedagogical approach. We can also assist you in the deployment of virtual reality in your courses.

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