On World Autism Awareness Day, it is crucial to recognize the importance of promoting understanding and inclusion of people living with this neurodevelopmental disorder.

Autism is a complex and diverse reality, and every individual affected by it deserves to be fully supported and respected in their uniqueness.

We are convinced that technology plays an essential role in the fight to promote the integration, accessibility and mobility of these groups. Through innovations such as virtual reality, new opportunities are emerging, offering creative and effective ways of tackling the challenges faced by people with autism.
Technology not only makes daily life easier, it also opens doors to new experiences, new ways of learning and engaging with the world around us.

On this World Autism Awareness Day, it’s vital to highlight initiatives that promote the inclusion and empowerment of people with autism in the workplace.

Among these initiatives, that of the OTEMA TSA association, headed by Laurent PEYTAVY, stands out for its innovative and inclusive approach.

VR technology at the service of inclusion: OTEMA TSA and the discovery of professions for autistic people


For many years now, OTEMA TSA has been actively involved in helping autistic people to find employment.
Aware of the importance of mobility in this process, the association sets up role-playing exercises to familiarize autistic people with public transport and help them find their way to work.

In addition, OTEMA TSA offers personalized assessments and diagnoses to determine the specific needs of each individual, even going so far as to provide them with adapted vehicles.

But OTEMA TSA’s action is not limited to mobility. Laurent PEYTAVY is keen to diversify the career opportunities available to autistic people, and responds free of charge to requests from secondary schools in the Tarn region for career discovery and orientation workshops for ULIS classes.

It was against this backdrop that the OF2I (Orientation Formation Immersion Inclusion) project was born. Winner of the Handinnov prize, this project is based on a fruitful collaboration between OTEMA TSA and MIMBUS, a specialist in virtual reality solutions.

Thanks to the MIMBUS Discover solution, students are immersed in ultra-realistic work environments, where they can explore different professions such as mechanics, personal assistants, plumbers and site safety managers.

This virtual immersion offers young people with autism a unique and enriching experience. They can interact with tasks specific to each profession, testing their skills and aptitudes, all in a safe environment where mistakes are not penalized. This approach enables each individual to discover his or her professional interests, and to look to the future with confidence.

The partnership between OTEMA TSA and MIMBUS has already helped around a hundred young students to discover their professional future. In addition, activities have been launched in IME-ITEP schools, arousing keen interest in this innovative approach.

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