Career exploration and Staffing

MIMBUS DISCOVER is a virtual reality solution that lets you test your candidates' skills in real-life conditions. Increase the attractiveness of your positions with an innovative recruitment tool, and develop talent retention with a personalized training strategy.


Put your candidates in realistic working conditions and spot the talent you're looking for. Through a variety of available skilled trades, you can objectively identify and evaluate profiles that match your expectations. This assessment can be made on concrete technical skills, but also on attitudes to unpredictable situations. MIMBUS DISCOVER is available on all virtual reality headsets on the market.
Concrete talent detection
Accelerated skills development
Dynamic onboarding for your employees
Increased employee retention
Assessment of tangible skills

Use virtual reality to immerse your candidates in a realistic work environment. They will then have to carry out scenarios reproducing the real conditions of their job. Each exercise is analyzed using the VULCAN platform. Your candidates’ skills are assessed. You can then access all the results and determine which profile best matches your offer.

VULCAN also enables you to cross-check the data collected on your candidates’ skills. In this way, you can position a candidate in a position that is more in line with their skills, based on their performance in virtual reality.


From beginners to the most experienced, you can use virtual reality as an integration tool that adapts to all levels of expertise. Get your staff up and running faster, and boost retention with engaging immersive tools.

You can also promote risk prevention by putting your employees in real-life situations, in direct contact with the dangerous situations they will have to deal with.


Virtual reality is an accessible tool capable of meeting the challenges of employee skills development. Integrated into a training program, it enables you to accelerate employee skills development and increase their commitment to training.

Our immersive solutions are connected to a data analysis platform, enabling you to analyze your employees’ skills acquisition and adapt your exercises according to individual performance.


In response to labor shortages, it’s important to find solutions to make manual and technical professions more visible.

Thanks to virtual reality, you benefit from an innovative tool to attract a large number of potential candidates at your open days, job dating events or trade shows.

Boost the image of the sectors you represent thanks to cutting-edge technologies using gamification strategies, which take up the mechanics of video games for professional use.

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